About Me


Hi, I’m Nicole Elise Cinaglia!

I am Italian and originally from Philadelphia, PA, which means I like good food and good company. I stay active and enjoy the outdoors. I am trained in Krav Maga. I love writing and singing with my guitar!

I am a SAG-AFTRA Actress. I am repped by Kendra Sullivan at Jackson Agency and Denise Demas at Image International Modeling and Talent Center. You can catch me on Lifetime in “Framed by My Fiance.” I have various projects under my belt including feature films, short films, webseries, music videos, and TV shows. My film “Drift” will be out later this year and will be hitting the festival circuit in 2023. I directed my first feature, “Porcelain,” over the summer and it will complete distribution in 2023.

I reside in Sunny California and am open to any and all adventures that come my way! My favorite and current motto…

“YES and…”

Instagram is a great place to follow me and my career (@nicolecinaglia). Thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for more!

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